Fully motorized SPM system

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Certus Standard V - fully motorized SPM system

Certus Standard V - Improved version of SPM series Standard. The main qualitative difference is the full automation of the microscope, the use of more advanced mechanical components, the presence of more advanced scanner to scan the sample, the ability to remotely control the instrument through the tablet PC using specialized software for OS Android.

System diagram:

A - Video camera Moticam

B - Motorized focus mechanism

C - Optical Microscope

D - Micro objective 10x Mitutoyo

E - High speed  XYZ scanner

G - SPM head Certus

Improved SPM head with tip holder, made ​​on the basis of the SIM cardSTM_Holder

AFM holderEasy in use tip holder made ​​on the basis of the SIM card provides a simple, quick removal and installation of the probe holder. It fits to  any cantilevers , available in the market from third-party manufactures. SPM head made with "short base" configuration t, with a minimum distance between the supports to give maximum rigidity design. Open space above the location of the probe provides access high multiplicity optics, with working length of 10 mm.



Summary table of the main parameters:

SPM (AFM) head

Approach sytem (by sample)

Minimum step

100 nm


Stepping motors

Sample translation


10x10 mm


Stepping motors


~ 5 μm

High speed scanner

Flat XYZ stage

Scanning range

200μmx200μmx15 μm

Resonanr frequency XY

10 кHz

Resonanr frequency Z

30 кHz

Resolution (XY, lateral)

<0.1 nm

Resolution (Z, vertical)

<0.01 nm

Residual nonlinearity


Translation sensors

Type of sensors

Differential capacitance

Scanning spped

50 Lines/sec

Upright optical microscope


Digital Video Microscope

Continuous zoom adjustment

M = 85/1050 * objective multiplicity


CCD camera


Fiber light source

Optical parameters of the video

Focusing system

Motorized with the course of at least 50 mm and an accuracy of 1 micron with a joystick remote control capabilities as the focus of the software image from a camera, and observation eyepieces


1/2” CMOS

CCD resolution, px


ADC resolution

12 бит

Pixel size

2.5 мкм

PC interface

USB 3.0