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The Russian company "Nano Scan Technology" ltd was founded in 2007. Our company specializes in development, production and sale of unique equipment for research and industry focusing on scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and research complexes based on them. The company employs experts from various fields of science and technology. Our development team and service engineers have more than 10 years of experience to create scientific equipment and its support all over the world.

The name of the company tells what we do:

Nano - our equipment allows the studies on the dimensional level, where the use of this prefix is convenient and really applicable. It is possible to obtain images with a resolution of sub-nanometer and position the objects and instruments with sub-nanometer accuracy.

Scan - the basic principle used in our equipment to obtain information about objects of study, i.e. to control the spatial displacement with high accuracy.

Technology (greek Τέχνη - art, skill, ability, etc., greek Λόγος - cause, method, mode) - a set of applicable arrangements, operations and techniques to manufacture, repair and maintenance of equipment with assured quality, functional characteristics and cost in accordance with the current level of science and technology.

Our development process based on modern scientific achievements and use of reliable manufacturing technologies enable us to create unique products to satisfy the demands of our customers. In the meantime the flexible management structure of the company makes it possible to achieve the results with minimal cost.

That’s why the company’s motto is "Reasonable innovations".




"Nano Scan Technology" Ltd.


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